About us

Who is ThaScript?
ThaScript Inc is a non-profit organisation which was formed by Justin Agyei-Mensah aka JaySMOKE in 2001. Our main motive is to save souls for the Kingdom by collecting various Holy HipHop (HHH) lyrics and creating a onestop lyrical portal whereby any fan or individual can come and access these lyrics for clarity or otherwise.

Why ThaScript?
Do you mean why didn't I do something else, like an mp3 download website, or a search engine, or any profitable service? Well cause God said it...and I did it. Besides I am not thinking about the monetary aspect, not saying I won't take if you give, but hey, I strongly believe that all things work together for good to them that love God...and also to seek first the Kingdom of God and 'everything' else will be added. Besides I think this is a very good way for me to contribute my quota to the ministry.

Why that Name?
It is two words merged together to form one. "Tha" taking from the ghetto term for "The" and "Script" which simply means the written text of a play, music, etc and in this case music.

Where is ThaScript?
Africa, Ghana, Accra baby. What? you never heard of us? Humm...okay, tell you what...go to the book store, ask for a map of Africa, we are located, I think, 3 countries to the left of Nigeria...you don't know where Nigeria is? Oh boy, Watch CNN.

Who are the members?
Me, myself and I. Oh yeah and a few others, much love to Arek. [Watch this space]

How do I get the Lyrics?
Contacts...some of these cats be soooooo busy they don't even see nor read my emails. Anyways am coming for ya...so check yo mail. And also from wonderful peeps who contribute out of love. Big ups.

How can I help?
Get us lyrics, more lyrics oh yeah you can also support us through donations. Please refer to the donations page for further information.

What do u do with the Lyrics?
Geez...hello. Click on lyrics in the navigation menu and browse through the alphabeths....click on an artist and on a particular album....bang....Lyrics!

Are my lyrics protected?
From what? Why, should they be? Shouldn't you be more concerned about people getting saved by viewing your lyrics instead? Whatever. If you feel a need to have your lyrics protected we can always come to a sound understanding as to what to do inorder to protect them.

How do I get reviewed?
Well first of all, you needs to be an HHH artist, have an album, have your lyrics typed out in word/html, send the album to ThaScript Inc, C/O Project One Ink, PMB AN 287, Accra-North, Accra, Ghana. Then keep your fingers crossed. That's it.

Who are you targeting?
You, yourself and....everybody who is a fan of HHH. Please no hard feeling for other christian genre fans, but this is what God said I should do. Ok. Don't ask me why, ask Him.

How do I get my lyrics on ThaScript?
Send them to the webmaster at [email protected]

Is it necessary to have my lyrics on ThaScript?
Yes, mos definately. It's a good way to reach out to your fans old and new alike and since Thascript is the only and biggest holy hiphop lyrical portal on the web, we strongly believe that, you should have your lyrics here as this is the one stop center for holy hiphop lyrics. You can also get exposure and have others review your albums and comment on them. Even if you are a well known and well established Holy HipHop Head you too can be of massive help to your fans by simply posting your lyrics right here. Not everyone can and will be able to decipher your content and it's our aim and objective to help you do that.