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Turn My Life Up

Turn My Life Up , the abundant life (yeah) 4x
No more low living, (no) 4x

Verse 1
Remember setting apart in my heart to walk that line/
Had the nerve to tell GOD to have some things in line/
When I graduate from college has some jobs in line/
Convert about five or six friends of mine/
I wanna grow old no dangers of any kind/
Throw in a couple kids and a wife that's fine/
Handed Him the contract like can you sign that line/
He ripped it up a said that's your plans not mine/
So now everyday I gotta renew my mind /
To prove the perfect will of GOD with faith that's blind/
Cuz even after days of placing faith in Christ /
I came mighty close to almost wasting my life/
Understanding eternal life is knowing that man/
And now my boys trip cuz I'm in love with a man/
They trip even more when I tell em that I'm a bride/
They know I'm sincere cuz I say it with pride/

Verse 2
I used to pray just to change GOD not to change me/
I realized the more I prayed He changed me/
Even if I only prayed during storms He changed me/
And now I write of marvelous works like Stan Lee/
I gladly play Indian and He Chief /
I'll be that sitting bull when He speaks/
I try to speak more with my feet less with my teeth/
I try to be more of the Spirit less of me/
I try to be more of a man less of a G/
How many Saints wasting their life proving they street/
This young cat said he would come to Christ/
But he don't really think that its fun in Christ/
Well I didn't come to prove that its fun in Christ/
I came here to preach the abundant life /
And I didn't even come to get crunk tonight/
But while we're lets have fun tonight/

Verse 3
Will GOD provides my needs? Probably not my wants/
Be careful what you ask for He'll give you what you want/
Israel asked for a king, He gave them what they want/
Had a couple righteous kings but most of them were chumps/
The disciples wanted Christ glory, he gave them his cup/
You know persecution and death, that kind of stuff/
The world wants its sin so he's given it up /
But then He gives His son, He's risen us up/
I wanna live at a ten but I've been cool at a five /
I exaggerate my victories, living a lie/
Deny my shortcomings so many times/
Just to prove to my homeboys I live at a nine/
But at the root of the issue I struggle with pride/
I struggle to live when he calls me to die/
So now I want my happiness in holiness and grace/
Instead of seeking for a blessing I'm seeking his face/

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