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Chorus: Our God is an awesome God he reigns
From heaven above with wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God. x2

All power he contains it, the man on his own
Abandoned the throne to approach the cross stainless
Death couldnít shake him or derail,
three nails could pierce but couldnít break him or make him appear taken away from his mere nature not
while slumber is hovering over the block I pray that my peers wake up
we were born out of alignment the perfect timing is now
to check for a pulse if you ain't rocked by him
I am prone to be biased when I peep the timeline behind him
And see no highness as high as him
He reigns Lord firearms are too short to aim for him
Call him extremist he leaks Katrinas when heís brainstorming
Thatís quite enormous to say the least our God is a beast
His wrath is the sound of a lion roaring
Since heís topped by none
Iím on hip hopís frontline screaming from the top of my lungs Our God.

Chorus: Our God is an awesome God he reigns
From heaven above with wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God. x2

All glory he demands it all pale in comparison
He holds the scales that you canít tip off
Cause he canít slip off
So I stand unanimous with no hiatus my heart is baring his manuscripts
Our bars bare him while the world swears by its barbarics
We declare him fist clinching the thin air for him
Wonít fold when it comes to making men aware of him (breathe)
Heís exactly what we could never be
Born no identity sin embedded in our pedigree
He could have let us be but saved us and set us free
Redeemed from the chokehold of sins destruction
Serve no one but him only spit so you comprehend
But in the end these words serve him no justice
Nothing exist without his signature to allow it
Lord of the ring cause all creation revolves around him
The I am more than a legend and some
So we boast in the Lord through these anthems and sing.

Chorus: Our God is an awesome God he reigns
From heaven above with wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God. (till fade)

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This song hits me so deep. I really of you guys. In this Hip-Hop industry your like David vs. Goliath. David did it with God and you will too. You will never be signed to a major label but my guess is you wouldn't take it for anything. God bless you Brother. keep It Coming! Please!
Ya bro,dat song z really amazing,indeed our God z awesome
Guyz if u r dea alive,jst knw dat u r dea 4 a purpose,i am an upcomin Holy hip hop artist,i nid ur help,am 4rm Malawi
u cn find me on facebook,jst search denis da revalation chimombo or go 2 my mail box...[email protected]
God bless ya'll & u r swift,amen
God bless u. Im proud of dis lyric & song. Hip pop gospel. Lol. Our God is Greatest & awesome. JESUS is LORD
[email protected]
I love the track......keep it up G od is good
This song has blessed so many who did not understand gosple in the hip hop world Swift you rock God bless you
Pls does anyone know how I can get the instrumentals of this song?
Awesome song for an AWESOME GOD!!nyc song
wow i like this song an the chorus is vry good i know god wll bless you
thanks 4 da lyrics
I love ths pipo.u rock ma world.
Amazing lyrics for an awesome song, its my new favorite...the lyrics are almost correct, just a few corrections here n there, nothing spectacular anyway, i'll try to straighten it out, kudos to d person dt posted dis lyrics...thanx a bunch
men i do like the trk soapbox God bless ya!
  • Chelz on Wed, 14.07.10 said;
NIccccce song
  • Mr. C on Sat, 5.06.10 said;
My knew favorite song four now.... Like the site also nice and clean looking
this song is awesome.God is great he should be praised.
tha song z&tha album z,amazing&awesome.........................................OUR GOD Z AWESOME................................................................Swift u rock.
Mother of all anthems damn! Swift u bad GOD IS AWESOME!
This song is AWESOME... Jesus, you are AMAZING!!!!! let the WHOLE world declare it

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