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Dey don't know
That you fight fe you life when it comes to surviving this war (no)
Dey don't know
Bout de grind and de hustle
Caw you souls a wey you tussling for
Dey don't know
Tink say we do it fe de glamour,
De fame, and de clamour, and de dough (yo)
Dey don't know
How we fight fe we life
When it comes to surviving dis war
(No) dey don't know

Verse 1:

Our life- it's got pain and strife
At the very same, it's got glory and hype (yup)
God blessed with fame in this game
So at the very same time, we taming this game
Not church kids we grew up on the block
But now we talk scripture, steada' poppin' that glock (aaahhh)
It's official, we living epistles
Gotta do what's right, for the glory of Christ
So many nights, we weep while we write
Just pouring out our pain (nah)
Struggles ain't in vain
See God's got this, the devil can't stop this
We war in the spirit, so his legions can't stop this
Dem try test, but dem just don't know
Dat dey army a de Lawd got we backs fo sho
So our sights is on The Author, The Light
The strength of our might
Out Father, that's right

Hook (repeat)

Verse 2:

Baltimore bred I was raised a city cat
Made it out of the harm alive I'm no idiot
Survived the most tedious greediest hideous city
Its murder and drugs political thugs
Heroin, crack and morphine employ more fiends
Hustlers pack in more green to destroy more dreams
Grew around a people that enjoy more schemes
And it seems we forgot nine eleven and New Orleans
A generation of teens that are on the wrong team
The enemies out to program them all like machines
Its- no sleep we- stay on the road
Launch out into the deep of the streets to win souls
Casting our nets yes we marvel at the many
Men and woman that come yes the harvest is plenty
We receive this, eat this, sow this and reap this, breathe this
It's for the glory of God believe this.

Hook (repeat)

Verse 3:

These streets is serious, they'll make you delirious
That's why we rep Christ and deliver this
Gospel to the hood, it's truly all good
Praise Him all the time, cause I'm in my right mind
And- never mind that some don't support this,
Cause I know its God, so I'll never abort this
Practice submission to fulfill His vision
It's about His will, no- never my decision
He fills my pen so I can make this incision
It's- very precise
This gospel of Christ
Cuts both ways like a double-edged knife
Penetrates the hearts of men, amen
Yes, yes- so be it
God says it, I decree it
A call on my life, like Jonah can't flee it
Nah- some can't see it, but I ain't 'fraid to be it
A Hip Hop apostle
I spit the gospel

Hook (repeat)

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