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You ask me how do I know
If God really cares for me
I would start at the cross
On the hills of Calvary
Where the ransom was paid
So that man could be redeemed
And come closer to God
with the hope of eternity
You ask me how do I know
The love God has for me
While I was yet in my sin
He gave his life to set me free
From the sting of the grave
And the void thatís in this life
Glory be unto God
For the passion of his Christ
And I

Thank you for dying for me
When I was surely dead in my sins
You came down from heaven for me
So I praise you for thinking of me

Vs 2
You ask me how do I know
If Christ really died for me
I would show you his words
The very words that let me see
That whosoever believes upon the only begotten son
He shall live forever
And see his face in the life to come

Because of his shed blood
Now we can know real love
And see the sacrifice that Jesus made for us
His word he has spoken
Now we can believe


Just For me
(Background repeat 2x)


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