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(based on Proverbs 5:22, 12:13, 29:6; I Corinthians Ch. 6 & James 4:8)
Written by M. Marshall
©, Joined at the Hip Ministries, 2008

Intro: This one is for the spiritually mature. If youíre a real Christian, and you want to tackle some real issues; itís about that time. Thereís no need to keep fighting by yourself. The Lord has made a way for us to deal with this thing . .

V1 Ė You ainít searchiní for no MP3ís / Youíre searchiní for a way to be sexual without the threat of catching some kinda disease / So youíre hittiní up this site, youíre checkiní out that site / You ainít hidiní from nobody Ďcause you surf the web at night / At 4 in the morning, most folks are sleepiní / Except the ones committing crimes & the ones creepiní / Youíre all on the computer scoopiní out the JPEGís / Admiring Godís creation from the head to legs / Getting hot & bothered like ďHey lookie lookieĒ / Quick to erase the history and delete the cookie / But Godís been knowing you since before you were born / Just like He knows about that unconfessed addiction to porn / So whatcha wanna do? Man, Iím about being real / I ainít trippiní on your feelings, trying to get you some healing / And not the sexual kind, no disrespect to Marvin / Weíre trying to feed the souls of the ones out there starving

Hook: An evil man is held captive by his sins / They are the ropes that hold him in / Time to get set free and quit living a lie / If youíre a new creature, then itís time to Draw Nigh / A lot of folks are gettiní saved but not delivered from things / Tryiní to win a spiritual battle through natural means / Let Go! Itís time for the old man die / If youíre a new creature, then itís time to Draw Nigh

V2 Ė Now when it comes to sex, yep the flesh just be craviní it / Plantiní thoughts like ďWhatís the benefit in saviní it?Ē / And what do you do when youíve got that urginí? / The in-crowd donít kick it with no straight up virgin! / But let me tell you what happens when you arenít in covenant / And even though I know your flesh is steady loviní it / You create soul ties with them girls & them guys / When they look into your eyes, spittiní game with them lies / So donít be surprised, with the lows & highs / Thatís kinda normal when you let somebody in-between your thighs / And if your lifestyle pleases men / Stop for a minute, peep I Corinthians Chapter 6:9-10 / And while youíre dabbliní in sexual sin / Donít kid yourself, when heaven comes you wonít get in / Spiritually joined with folks from your past / You ainít even free like a person in a full body cast


V3 Ė The most controversial part of this song / But Iím about to take it there, so yíall hold on / Some think it takes 2 people to fornicate / But it only takes 1 if you masturbate / Yes Sir, I said it & No, I donít regret it / ĎCause the Truth will set you free, but only if youíll let it / Sinniní against your body wonít help your health / Yes itís fornication, just sex with self / So when you utilize your members for unrighteousness / Itís like youíre walking Ďround in the spirit half-dressed / Gratifying your flesh for personal gain / I donít care what you say, I ainít with that man / Now if Iíve offended you, hereís the prescription / Thank God!! Ďcause you can still feel His conviction / If this song ainít for you, one fist / But if it is, hit me up so I can add your name to my prayer list / And know that if you contact me and ask for prayer / Anything you share with me is gonna stay right here / Know that if you contact me and ask for prayer / Anything you share with me is gonna stay right here

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