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Oh-ho-ho Lord, I love You - I love You - I love You

verse 1
He left, He left, Heaven in its perfect splendor
He left perfect seven, perfect winter, remember
Pure white snow, streets gold, foretold
He'd leave Genesis 3:15 to Eve deceived, believe
He left His home, His own received Him not
He got caught up in our sin like it was a slip knot
It's not that He left but the fact that He came
He left pleasure, met pain, now thank God cause we can gain
We name Him as King, Lord, Ruler, Savior
Cause we can leave Hell and it's fiery lake haters
God's wrath is slow, His grace is fast
Like Michael Johnson, flossin, runnin a 40-yard dash
He left! He left! I can't get over it!
So I trip like feminist chicks in feminist cliques wit feminine fits
It's to save souls, build and move this movement
Cause ain't nothin like worship music

Verse 2:
Oh, oh, how I love You so much
Such is Your touch that my words aren't enough
So I serve you now with acts of dedication
I love You at last because the fact of liberation
You brought salvation where death had once reigned
Changed your pain to my gain and gave me a brand new name
No longer just a sinner, or average human
But now Child of Christ, God's Friend, a new man
So I am Your slave, I will serve You to death
Cause You gave me life, my time, and my breath
Jesus is God, and the King of this Earth
He took me from death and gave me New Birth
Oh, oh, how I need You
Cause only You can peep and begin to see through
My flesh, my body, and all of my facades
Like when I say that I'm Yours but yet I worship false gods
Like me, myself, and that guy named I
Tried my slice of the pie but (sigh) found out it's a lie
But not You, O, Lord, You fulfill my true need
Not greed, weed, or speed, but the blood that You bleed
I'm freed indeed and the Cross is my key
See my testimony as a blood bought MC
The price that You paid was in the grave that You laid
But thank God You rose again, resurrected third day
I'm saved, hallelujah, from a life of corruption
Overcame my fears, now through You I can function
With the confidence of Christ, strong man, strong soul
God ain't my co-, he's in complete control (last 2 lines x2)
ad lib space

Oh-ho-ho Lord, I love You - I love You - I love You

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