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Aaah -- is the first thing I say / the first thing I do, the first thing I think
this morning - as I place my feet / on the wet grass, ya'know, God's concrete
it's natural - all of Your beauty / super - is what you are to me
cause You are - my Provider / cause You are - my Protector
I love you Lord, I love Your earth / I love Your grass, I love your turf
with waves to surf, and air to fly / fly high
fly high, fly free, like a bird, like a kite / like a plane, like an owl, like a bat in the night
sun light it's all right / oh yeah it's tight
ha ha ha ha ha, just right

cause you-you-you and only you (x6)
could make me feel this way inside, oh no, no no (x1 @ end)

we gonna make it, we just can't stop / we gonna make it, we just can't stop
would not proper to give in so soon / stars moon
hills - trees / fall - spring
I sing / I sing, I sing, I sing, I sing, I sing (x2)
my God, spinnin' round and round / is this globe
this globe, this sphere / that You hold
(so) I know I have no fear (x4)
I thank you Lord, and no one else / You gave me air, You gave me health
wealth - is spiritual / I pray - I'm full
of Your fruit, of Your blessing / of Your fruit, of Your produce
of you (x8)

Na Na Na's

w/flutes till end

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