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Say uh uh
Uh huh
Uh uh uh
Uh huh

I don't wanna patronize, but this patrons eyes
Realize that the high skies is the rise limit
I despise this gimmick that's disguised as authentic
Cause I like to rip it and stick it specific
I'm in it to win it like my main man Emmit
Smith when I grip it the mic and send it
Straight out the park like Derek Jeter
While ya'll stay parked like Eric's heater
Up in his old broke slow 2 seater
Respect, ya need to like Aretha (R-E-S-P-E-C-T)
Bonita mommisita the bomb like North Korea
My onomatopoeia is sick as gonorhea
Don't smoke your cheeba or pass your breather
Eureka, momma mia, reefer geeker
(I) hate beef, sir, but rap is fun
So come on everybody and clap someone! (x4)

I'm a person that raps - for people that rap

--sing songy style verse --
I love hip hop respect my art
I love to love love check my heart
I love phat graff scratch and rap
I love beat box and b-boy mats
I love slam poetry notice the words
I love to flow free but skip the herb
Sit on the curb, and day dreamin'
Spit out some verbs that stay steamin'
I say to demons and imps that test
Get behind me, and fresh your breath
Bump my flesh, sweating some breasts
Veneral death thru premarital sex?
Not gonna happen people that's rappin'
Stay on track and, Emayus what's happening?
Keep em all clapping, dapping, packed in
Keep em all clapping 



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