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Lessen the guessin, stressin the question:
Are there any facts that back the resurrection?
1: OK, let's take this for starters;
10 of 12 disciples, they died as martyrs
they knew that it was fake, yet they died for their faith
continue with these facts, that demonstrate this case
Jesus the Christ, He split the human race
A permanent earthquake rippin a great divide
From those who thought He lied
And those who cried MESSIAH
To follow Him back then, meant to face Nero's fire
Yet the Church was inspired against the great Roman Empire
Even to the year when the Caesar cried SIRE
313 A.D. Christianity went from Galilee
to the big City (of Rome)
empty tombstone plus no bones
equals rezurectah
reigning on His throne!!!
Come down selectah
Raiser, rezurectah

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