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See girl, the reason that you get my answering machine
is not because I'm not home,
but because I no longer pick up that wretched phone.
I check my Caller ID so I can see exactly who is calling me.
That phone is evil,
for it's given me a larger bill than I can afford to pay.
AT&T jacked me
so now I
Sprint away when they try to sell me a celly and tell me
that I don't have to pay.
Not only that,
but I've spent far too much time
and money
on calling cards
and change
and all that.
So don't expect no call back.
See, I've been hung up on too many times.
I've heard answering machines and dial tones
one too many times.
But if God sees fit to fix my hurting heart,
er, um, I meant, disconnected phone,
then you can give me a ring that'll lead to ring.
But for now,
females get the [email protected], Vocab Malone.

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