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we was all born to speak life and live that in return
so what we get back is earned - words are my concern
when the meaning is lost a souless thought
i fought my way here so yes i know the cost
i've bought a higher prupose some can't conceive
no matter what i say a fool still won't believe
and most don't know me but i've been here before
i've toured with the unknown and repped with a cause
since day one i've been herculeez strong with word schemes
fitted with thinkin caps noun shirts and verb jeans
servin' fiends for free cuz my gift is my music
pushin' the word to move souls - and not units...
- . doing this is a switch from the rest
and romans 3-23 is still in effect
so don't yall get to pointin' - my flow stays annointed
speak life make it right - for the world to join me

since the birth of my daughters my outlook has changed
second time since the day i got saved
first time was when my girl took my last name
vows exchanged one flesh we became
equally yoked - in the sight of God with love
under a banner of faith that's shown from above
so everytime i hold this mic i perform in His name
and for all yall following my flow is simple and plain
and i pray 1 day that you 2 find ya place
be yaself , unique - and not have to trace
the outlines left behind - 4 all of us to learn from
it's a guide to read - not a lie to deceive
so you must make the best out of every situation
procrastination and laziness are not in the equation
4 a successful ride - time is of the essence
can't count on tommorw - so start countin' ya blessings

if i see clouds coming in i'll be ready for a flood
you prayin' for some rain but complain about the mud
and then you fail at times cuz you aim for the lowest grade
now you a man of shame stuck in minimum wage
and how about that red white and blue - took prayer out the schools
but bush has no problem saying God bless you
must take us for fools - soon he'll be asking us to prove
who wer're loyal to
and since 9-11 he's gotten a new job
instead of a war on corruption they pick a fight with Islam
cuz David took us on with a pocket full of stones
and those plane stones brought prayer back into the homes
i feel my country's pain so i know how it's hittin' you
and now these stars and stripes don't seem so invinsible
but we gonna pull thru in the name of Christ
we gotta think, live and always speak life

outro / break
speak life - from the highs to lows
speak life - at all of my shows
speak life - if you win ... speak life - if you lose ... speak life in good health ... speak life - when you bruise
speak life - from the mountain tops
speak life - in every style you drop
speak life - if you win ... speak life - if you lose ... speak life in good health ... speak life - when you bruise


can i have these on my album???????

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