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Iím a Disciple for Christ
Walk the walk, talk the talk, so whatís ya life
He died then came to life
I feel itís only right that we walk toward the light
But to get there, we gotta fight, so get ya helmets tight

Itís a daily struggle, thatís why I never juggle
The earth and church, thatíll quickly have you under rubble
My God please keep me humble, and walking toward your ray of light
Each day and night, I speak to your son, and pray Iím right

In his eyes, the world despise, my heavenly ties
But when the spirits upon me, I got the strength of seventy guys
To go the whole length, I got the belt of truth buckled tight,
breastplate to keep me right, feet fitted with the peace give in a corner tight

Lord be my guiding light, my faith is my shield, put a yield to the demonic bite
Last but not least my sword will make a crease in any beast
That tries to lay a hand on Godís peeps

Get ya helmets fitted, all ya sins have been acquitted
Like you ainít did it, got that Lucifer ranting livid
Before my emotion was stale, since Iím clean Iím vivid
And peace given in any situation thatís risen


Heís risen, that word to the Bible, itís written
Iím a soldier with a rifle or a Bible and disciple
With a message for the trife in you, just listen for the life in you
My God can make a way, but the road is narrow

Your precious in his sight, even his eye is on the sparrow
Thereís only on road, but you disregard the arrow
You rather seek ya sign or find ya life through some tarots
Or physic, ya dumminí out like hits with a nightstick

Cause if ya faith ainít in Jesus Christ, then ya lifeís bent
Ya lost in the source, my minds stuck on the cross
And blood lost, for me and yours he paid the whole cost
Took care of the tab, my nose in the Word, up in my lab

Etching lyrics like commandment on a concrete slab
Word to our forefathers, Isaac, Abe, and Jacob
Ya cross ya need to take up, ya sleeping dog so wake up
My daily bread I break up, cause Christ is in my makeup

Ya need to put that cake up, my Lordís hustle is greater
Children of God we be the, common denominator
To change the numerator, cause youís a prayer hater
And Jesus is my savior, no matter whatís ya flava

General to the major
His words are clear like numbers on my pager
Hit me on the box, Iím watering his crops
Give him all the props, Iím just a man
Flesh and bone, in a spirit zone
Iím not blacking out, but lighting up
Lord fill my cup

Monique Lisa


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