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Verse: I give yall the crucifix, to the dudes in clubs who tip dollars to them girls just to watch them strip/ or they on the block huslin trying to cop some chips/ and they taking lives on the street poppin clips/ I give yall the crucifix, to the dudes who lives right by the law but they don?t pursue righteousness/ ill intentions in the heart God's watching this/ this means He sees beyond the surface when ya watchin flicks/ I give yall the crucifix, to the girls who try to impress dudes by dancing when the rock them hips/ God don?t want you sexing dudes and locking lips/ just know that God loves you for more that your body sis/ yall I got the crucifix, I used to be the good guy who obeyed the law without pursuing righteousness/ because I didn't know he searched the heart for rottenness/ but Christ revived my Spirit with His life oxygen/ my mission is to mix on the triple six/ and to switch hearts to God like a manual stick shift/ our lives should exemplify Christ love and God's will/ it's ya boy signing out introducing Gwill.

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