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(SWIFT Verse 1:)
Driftin' on a memory.
Where we was all together for the fun of makin' melodies.
Workin' out all the songs that we wrote, and I was beltin' out all the sour notes.
So I stuck to makin' beats for a while, bring heat for the streets brought a smile.
Man can't believe how times gone by, so many things have changed when I look back on our lives.
From days to weeks, from weeks to months, from months to years though some have disappeared.
They all had they reasons why they left, but I still had to push on for Gods best.
Sho'nuf wasn't easy I tell ya no lie, can't no one replace ya no matter how they try.
But even though were distant, can't see each others face.
Smile for me dog, till we hit the other side of grace.

Just smile (x3) just smile one time for me.

You been my homie for life I can't forget that, thru all the years and the tears you always had my back.
We put it down together, now here I am, man missin' you my homie was never in the program.
I couldn't have made it if it wasn't for you, cause you kept my eyes right when I wanted to act a fool. You kept my vision intact when it was blurry, help me slow down when a brother was in a hurry.
Oh, and it's true what they say "that love hurt's", now I understand and now I've got to put in the work. And here I am lookin' at this empty mic stand, can't nobody rock the crowd like you can. So go on with your bad self man, I'll be missin' you while
I'm stickin' to this game plan.
And I know you'll be gone for a little while, so all I'll
til then is just smile.


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