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(J-RAW Verse 1:)
Carrying the cross on my back and every-here I go.
Doing my duty for the Lord to reach a lost soul.
Sowin' the seeds and believing that its gotta grow, I'm just a brother with a passion for the gospel.
And at times I feel myself about to fall and about to crawl, I'm givin' all.
And right before life drives me up the walls, I heart he Lordy callin' for me brother J.Raw.
Now my burden gets a little lighter and my desire right now is to get a little higher.
I don't care if they like this or not but when my rhymes get hot, Ill spread em' out like buck shots.
Cause the times we're livin' in has been prophesied, many have tried and they died without Christ in they life.
And that's why my heart goes out to the needy so believe me when you here me say, aahh! It aint eazay!
Best believe little brother when you hear me say, It aint eazay! It aint eazay!
Best believe little sister when you hear me say, It aint eazay! It aint eazay!
Best believe me everybody when you hear me say, It aint eazay! It aint eazay! x2

(PAPA SEMM Verse 2:)
In the path of righteousness that's where Im walkin'.
I gotta put my flesh to death that's my request.
Nevertheless many are called but the few are chosen, If you want to pay the cost take up your cross.
Gettin' tossed to and fro let the spirit flow.
I must be covered with the blood from head to toe.
No weapon formed against me will penetrate, strapped with my armory and my breastplate.
Eliminate my pride its got to die, I cant survive with they creepin' on my blindside.
Baptized with the power of the Holy Ghost, criticized by many folks but I never broke.
I've been provoked to elope my testimony, remember what my father told me I must be holy.
It's kind of lonely sometimes it makes me wonder, how this young brother keeps from goin' under.

Repeat first chorus twice.

(SWIFT Verse 3:)
This Ain't no cakewalk sho'nuf ain't a stroll through the park, its a fight on the front line light against dark.
To step out in this battle you gotta be prepared for the unexpected cuz your chest will be tested.
That's expected in the heat of confrontation tear'n down walls while build'n up one nation under God indivisable it ain't eazay you best believe me.

Repeat first chorus twice

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