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want to be free, so free. I want to be free, so free. (x2)

(SEMM Verse1:)
I'm on top of the world and it's a lot better than where I've been.
I was sick and tired livin' in a life of sin.
Never again will I do what I did in the past, I'll be the first to admit I was going to fast.
Forget about the past now it's a memory, in spite of everything I did God remembered me.
And I'll be forever grateful as long as I'm livin', doesn't matter if I have to go through Armegeddon.
I ain't sweatin' a thing , I know who's in control.
You can say what you want to but I'm going to take it slow.
Couldn't take it no more, I turned my life over into the hands of the one that I call Jehovah.
Took the weight off my shoulders and made my burden lighter, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Jehovah Jireh.
Just a reminder it's only just begun don't be stunned the best is yet to come.


(SWIFT Verse2:)
You can lock me up with no key to be found, still I'm free as a bird, to share the word in my sound.
Try to hem a brotha up watch out, I use the Word to cut 'em up no doubt.
Steppin' in on the scene, I feel they eyes on me, I don't fit in the scheme, I feel they eyes on me, still my heart will stay clean, so get your eyes off me, and let the freedom ring, but you don't know what I mean.
So let me break it down into sections.
As the Spirit of God brings correction.
Section 1, it ain't all about the physical.
Section 2 , I praise God through this music yo!
Section 3, is that lives are changed, and if you ain't down with that you need to exit the game.
All I'm tryin' to say is there's more to what you see, recognize there's a plan and it involves me.
I'm free babay!!!

Want to be free, so free.
I want to be free, so free. (x2)

(J-RAW Verse3:)
Some people think I clown a lot, some people think that I'm way to real.
Some people think to much and don't care about the way I feel, I keep it real- what.
Yall don't want to see a young brother get healed and yall don't want to see young brother get blessed.
So just confess you rather see me stressed.
I'm in pursuit of my happiness.
I got God in my head, in my chest now.
I ain't settlin' for nothin' less now.
I'm on a quest for my spiritual best, what?
This ain't a test just handlin' my business, where my people at, can a brother get a witness?
I'm on your hit list but it doesn't matter, radio don't want to play this cause pockets gettin' fatter.
And all I want to do is make you see that I'm just going to stay free just being me.

Want to be free, so free. I want to be free, so free. (x2)

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