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Verse 1
I stand on my soapbox quoting hopes and hope nots
Focused on a dope plot simply watching thick turn to thicker
I see when some men turn to liquor they dissa
Pointed with what there's says this life has to offer
But I'm acquainted with the Author a family friend
Who's shown me my relevance and where to begin
See boys can stay boys or can turn into men
I'm called to write raps to disobey would be sin
And this business is serious like taking 2 to the chin
We need to play thru the whistle cuz when life comes to an end
They going to ask lots of questions gave you time how'd you spend
Don't want to disappoint my father so what I recommend
Is you study up, find out why you're really here
Probably to serve God one of 3 things I fear
You need to read, pray and seek the counsel of a wise peer
And one day all the cloudiness will simply disappear


Verse 2
Ruling supreme steady chasing my dream but all my seams
Seem to fall apart playing my part in life's scheme for my
Purpose working it out divine service got me nervous
Wondering if I deserve this although I earned this
Scar from the first superstar I sparred
Had no regard for his thuggish appearance and so his card got
Pulled, took off with his mic stand and his mic hand still attached
So I started from scratch and broke molds
Held drum pads in choke holds then I poked holes
Up in the styles just to sew it on up and blow it on up
From the inside out to the outside in I've been
Honing my craft just rowing my raft thru paragraphs
Learning lessons from the stumbling blocks up in my path
Making a graph just to illustrate my progress map
And yell out, "God bless rap!" going for mine
Till I'm ruling divine


Verse 3
The caliber that I serve is like Dianna Ross working
At a fast food chain so I remain to blame
For the sounds that your ears take pleasure in
Define ill with the rhyme skill
Live up to new standards got to be slick with outlanders
Great like Alex with the God given talents
Feeling odd in silence so I tried not to burry it
And carry it across the land just like a chariot
Treat it like I married it yup it's that serious
Scary is the way that my styles are so various
Plain or hilarious sane or delirious
From where Gary is down to my areas
We keep it cheerious just the way that we was
taught to rock and try our best not to flop
like the Flintstone dance and if you're scared of a chance
then you might just end up with some lint in your pants


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