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verse 1
I'm staying up late trying to equate my fate and find a reason
Why the music I hate is so wack yet still on track for success
One million albums in the 1st week and I confess I stress envy
But I'm concerned with long term
While you're stacking up rings I've got things that won't burn
I turn 10 pennies to a dime that I find and I'm saving
Craving a house for my spouse and for my kids
My lid's blown cuz it's well known that I'm better than you
I do real rap I can feel dap hitting on me from the hands
Of about 10 fans at my show cuz that's all that show I know
God's got things in store cuz before my first tour
Rap sheets on the floor from my heart I prayed for it
Couldn't ignore it so I poured it in the jam
I'm glad 10 people know who I am

Ahem, excuse me could I have your attention
Pardon while my jargon reach the highest of dimension
Needless to mention my rhyme's soul intention
Is prevention of the flesh so I mesh with ascension
Alright, excuse me could I have your attention
I'm dropping insight to a mic that I'm clinching
Fixing the glitching, hits 2 for flinching
Give it a tug then plug the inch in

Verse 2
Writing in a fashion with a passion for an emcee lashing
Rationing out my metaphor for the time being straight emceeing is my
Scapegoat while I brainstorm with a raincoat
Check the paint stroke from the mona lisa me and soulheir
Wrote there on the wall in the stall of a bathroom
While you're in a chat room babbling trying to do some instant
Message battling I'm traveling on this red dawn
New day, hey I sensei floating fist from the lion of the tribe
Of Judah when I tutor after school ruling out all fake answers
Exposing truth within my 16 stanzas I'm taking chances
Moving with ingenuity proving we're busy moving the crowd
Allowed to be fluently delivered, shivered and shook we look great
And all done before the sun reaches to 8


Verse 3
Yes, I feel like I'm blessed because this
Mic is now involved to be passionate with my fist
I list all reasons ya'll fall asking "how come?"
This brother's fresher than some talcum powder
Rapping louder but we all know the outcome you're Xed out like Malcolm
And begging me to guest emcee up on your next album
Man you sound dumb harry krum making visits to
Correct the problem trying to solve them
But he aint cheap he reaps benefits when it hits home
Taking your poem to new places
Faces now happy so they clap and they holler
Than harry's like, "fool where's my 250 dollars?"


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