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See me
Standing sometimes uprightly so tightly clasped
Grasped by many like a new found penny
Faces elate at the chance to demonstrate dance of stated
Words said, dead without me I see t's and p's normally popping
Now stopping when shifted and drifted thru my filter dropping

Hear me
Boiling and coiling my waves magnetic turned to energy kinetic
But it's bent when it's sent thru springs and output things opposite line
I find my way to the stand, though sometimes just hand
My band of equalizing still tantalizing and uprising to the vocal cord though
Cordless sometimes, I pave thru a radio wave my streets of cities audible where
Towns of frowns are piles of smiles and styles are freely expelled
Thru the use of decibel when held correctly, though some just reject me
Treating me as their enemy I see their fear how they won't come near
They steer clear of my coils moving, soothing to most though boasting
Isn't my intention needless to mention I bring the best out responsible
For reverberating of tonsils amplified thru my station
It's more than demonstration of exhalation this is my occupation

Feel me
Getting torn in every direction where's my protection from these beings
Supposedly fiends and it seems to be a constant riot, please learn to be quiet
"hey there mr. Mike", they say, "can we come and play
and use and abuse you", but not in so many words necessarily spoken
yet I'm left broken by thoughts so wrongly entertained
thinking they were trained by osmosis while I get infected with halitosis
and comatosis words spat when pulled out their hat
they bat at home plate striking out no doubt they should wait
or the fate of eardrums will be violence from their lack of silence
I wasn't created for this it's a dis disguised as a kiss
But a kiss of death

Use me
To dance and make trance with linguistic hush tistic
Ego for we go terrific together with skilled and spirit filled tongue
Sung illustrations hung on walls of minds demoted crushed and corroded
Singing songs of joy when anointing is decoded
So I will persist to be inside fist with my job to make louder
I couldn't be prouder than to be used as a tool spooling 60 Hz tones
Mr. Mike is preferred but hear mike r. fone in my home of stand
Land of the free and gallantly the talently impaired will be responsible
For turning my page, until the called knocks on my door center stage
So who will be next to turn my page until then I wait patiently at the floor center stage
-Mr. Mike r. fone

held tight it's me mr mike in stand or fist
so I will persist in my job to make louder
couldn't be prouder than to stand alone
As mr. Mike r. fone

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