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Crumpets and tea, crumpets and tea
While we take it in four you only catch it with me
It's emcee plus 3 spiritual eyes see
So you can watch me serve it to your whole posse

Verse 1
Underground I search and funnel sound
For the treacherous, effortless songs making their rounds
Thru the catacombs creative wombs being destroyed
Left to void and hang like asteroid
In the midst of galactic slum my tactic hum
Leading the lost when patterns attack drum
Then smack some who act dumb back where they're from
And just wait separating my flesh for when He comes
Speaking freedom into His Kingdom to reign
Eternally I chase to maintain the same
Intimacy and keep legitimacy
So I'm going to spit it and see the top level
Still rocking over trebles and mids so kid's
Base could reach from space 5, the very place
I've called native, so creatively I emcee
Sit down and have a spot of tea with the Trinity


Verse 2
Dropping crumpets in the verbal tea, eternally
Finding out that the route of my flesh concerning me not
It's hot what I got inside my rap folders
Keeps me holding microphones with pot holders
Watching it scold us with the knowledge therein
So I keep blaring the track with snare inside the
Mix so kicks and hats we're bringing back
To the essence of the presence of God thru head nod
We teach trying to reach the lost soul with control
Of vocal hums and drums inside the console
The place that I adjust, my sound busts
Thru the fader with the data I spit, create or emit
The ill sound physically fit to transmit what you heard
I'm rocking the Word, speech slurred
From the crumpets in the Living Wine, the Living Vine
Still shine thru the trinity dining with all three having


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