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1st verse:
I spit tight verses/ without the hype curses/ and that's me - I'm such a nice person/
I write verses/ to those who sell their souls and the price is low and now their life is worthless/ it's time to choose sides which God you facin'? the world of an elusive nation of lucifer's nation/ a dog on a leash that's all about the dark/ I'll throw a hand full of sand in his mouth when he barks/ he missin' his chance/I keep dissin' his plans/ I'm speakin holy words 'cause the mission is grand/ the mind combines with a fine rhyme just to get ya/my rhymes are derived from divine scriptures/ with 9 pictures/ you can't see what I'm sayin/ mad deceivin' by satan/man I'm speakin' abrasive/ Nif stay swift thanking God for His patience/ I don't know why He put with all of my complaining/ the remedy is ask - he testing me - letting me pass/my enemy's wrath/ is like Kennedy's assassination/ and pain flows through the system/ the main goal is obtain truth and wisdom/

I - be knowin' (and)
I - be showin' (and)
I - keep flowin (while)
Be goin
And that's me - ain't what you expected
And that's me - respect it or neglect it

2nd verse
y'all should realize I'm conspicuous - and sometimes I'm ridiculous- I'm meticulous/my flow crack bones/ when I spit you fuss - you lust this phat flow/this laugh goes to all of ya wack shows/ I smack those- that want to act like foes/ and that's why a lot cats don't like me/ they despite me/still want to be like me/and I recite these/ don't care if y'all want to fight me/ it's alrighty/ 'cause I'm one with the Almighty/ y'all sheisty/ don't take this all lightly/the site you see will leave and God will beat you at a light speed/now that's a site to see/these rhymes I write to teach/ya'll ain't got no action/ you just like to speak/you think ya life is sweet?/you think it's just right? It's time to get Christ and it's time to get life - it's just right/


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