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How can this be? I'm sitting in a poet's utopia
Were walking stories pass like these trains to various stops
And here I go developing writer's block
My pad's dry, inks wet and I'm full of frustration in this station
Waiting for some inspirat...woe. Stop the press
Look at this new headline
Creeping up in my view like the horizon on the sea line, Fine!
Finer than the strokes of this calligraphy pen I hold
Her caramel texture is making my other four senses jealous,
Curious as to what they can unfold
From her eyes to her overtone shoes speaks humility in her attitude. I likes.
Her style quietly resounds a Mile Davis vintage
With a touch of a Charlie Parker classic.priceless
But the usually question arrives that either accelerates or decelerates my thoughts
Does she know who Christ is?

Okay Mark, don't over spiritualize, but then again to be a present.
You have to have something inside the packaging.
Is this my predestined gift from above?
Which God has delivered with such beautiful shipping and handling

Could this be a match made in Heaven?
Appointed for today
Horizontally everything looks copasetic
But I wonder what her vertical view would say

Would it spring forth fountains of wisdom?
Drizzling encourage words on my spirit
Constantly replenishing my mind, body, soul and lyrics

Is she a diva from on high?
And this opportunity my ladder
Should I leave this moment to fate or initiate
Do I choose the latter?

by Mark Johnson & Daneea Badio

With pad in hand, I note my to-do's, anticipating my destination
As I sit, feeling idle, in this crowded subway station
I've got calls to make and that studying I promised myself I'd complete
My list suddenly interrupted, by some very well dressed feet

And from his feet to his face
Let's just say, he'd been well graced!
He was coffee without the cream
He was sculptured, but not extreme
He was reserve, yet striking.  He was definitely to my liking!

And so here I am and there is he
I'm thinking could "We" be a possibility?
Or are we like these trains, just passing in the night?
As I caught this case of curiosity at first sight, of his quiet might
Wondering, could he be the One, my Sampson delight?

A kind and true man,
Strong and resolute in his adherence to God's plan?
Who'd respect and adore the woman in his life?
Who is done with the games of girls
And instead searches for his divinely chosen wife?

Although he's not real tall, his presence is towering,
Making his measurements inconsequential
'Cause his charisma's showering
Volumes and volumes, without him even speaking a word
Could he be Solomon wise, a well of wisdom rarely heard?

There's just so much about him that caught my attention
'Til he's taken hold of my subconscious
And got me dreamin' and wanting to mention
My name and my number, to further my intentions.

Or are we just like these trains, just passing in the night?
Could we be destined for something more?
Could he be The One, my Mr. Right?

I've entered the Highway of love doing ninety-three
Now on memory lane without my blinker for folks to see
Cause I've just hit nostalgia, from not looking at my blind spot
Knocking me conscious of past cries and lies
Fogging up my window of opportunity and what not.
But you know, he's probably just another one of these manipulative guys.
Pretending and deceiving and building hopes on selfish lies
Trying to get what he can, with no honorable purpose or plan
Seeking to stake, take it and break it
My heart left bleeding at his deceptive hands!
My favorite proverb does say, "Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain"
And in retrospect I have found both to be true instead of a just saying
Am I taking it to the extreme? 
Dirtying an imagine that really is clean.

Has he the package, but not the power, wisdom or the might?
Could he be another "Mr. All Wrong", convincingly dressed up like Mr. Right?
Has she the hourglass but not the sands to know the time
Does she have the rhythm but lacks the lyrics for us to rhyme?

You never know, the risks seem high.
Should I take a chance, or just let him fly on by?
What to do?  What to say?
In just a few minutes, opportunity's sure to walk away.

But I just don't know.  Should I stop or go?
Maybe I should just wait and see?
'Cause what will be will be.
Or.. Is it really, up to Me?

Okay,..  I'll make a move... and say?????......"Hi...

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