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I am mic veteran with no plans of settling
rap 'til my tongue falls off are start bellowing fellowmen
sistren eternity is near the time pendulum is steady dwindling
with hardcore adrenalin gasping and peddling
I'm on this race for souls the enemy embezzling
so I'm letting out bullets are my saliva
the world is rocking the stage I gots to rock liver
the rhythm writer plus a nine to fiver suvivior
walking this path like gymnast on live wire
a servant of the Most High can't deny
gave my life to him reverse my fourth of july
now I'm rolling in my hoopty with standard hubcaps
laced in polyester ice out with skin black
happy as can while people looking at me
saying what could it be I shout in Christ I'm reach and free.


My Passion my only hope inside this world is how I cope
when I'm feeling low he lifts me up whenever I call his name
what's his name? Jesus
better believe it I'm tossing the ball
tossing the ball yawl better receive it

I keep my eyes on the prowl and watch like wise owls
end times are here listening to colin powell
since the twin towers people seeking a power
of a higher being gazing to the clouds
but there prayers stop there and never reach heaven's door
throwing at their own strength they never score
they depend on five senses full-loaded benzes what the new trend is atm dispenses
we stay focus in this mess of hocus pocus
note this atrocious last days approaches scatter like roaches preach the gospel ferocious spread the gospel explosive
until no one on earth opposes yo this
is just a petition I'm commissioned to explain
I do it for love in Christ name
its hard to ration the passion that I feel for him
on any pulpit, stage, venue or forum
poem, rap handclap or prayer
no expression on this earth can describe my savior
the word of god relayer
from basements to skyscrapers
bm's to pacers
church fakers to money chasers
the audible oracle who's grace is unaffordable
who's spirit flow the currents of lives nautical
since march eleven 1990 there's been no one above him
Jesus, Jesus my passion I love him

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