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Rolled up to the place to be
I pulled right up to the Mickey Cís
I got three cars in front of me and
man Iím feeling hungry now
tell you what I began to do
as I started pulling through
I said can I get a number two?
he said sorry man I aint hearing you..

A coke a fry and a cheeseburger
saying thatís all that I want to order
a coke a fry and a cheeseburger
saying thatís all that I want
He said can you repeat that?
so I began to scream back
just a number two with the cheese stacked
can you make that please fast
well let me repeat that back to you
chicken burrito and a mountain dew
with two whoppers and some bean stew
is there anything else I can get for you?


All I want is just a burger
40 times I think I told ya
really bro I aint getting older
see I know my food be getting colder
all this junk I had enough
well finally I just drove up
all the drama whatís the hold up
gave me a bag with a paper cup and a..

Now I aint ate like all day
so I gave him the money and drove away
well reached in the bag and Iím about to take
just a big old bite and I canít wait
whereís the fries Iím supposed to have
whereís the burger Iím supposed to grab
just right then I started getting man
man bro there aint nothing in the bag!!!

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