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Verse 1:
Daddy why did you do that to mommy?
you said if we hit somebody weíre supposed to say sorry...
but you never say sorry daddy you yell now
why did you tell that man that mommy just fell down
mommy didnít fall down daddyís lying
mommy why are you always sad and always crying?
daddy why are you always mad you always fighting?
why do you always say Iím bad even when Iím trying?
No I donít want to go to my room
I donít want to go to bed now I want to be with you
I donít want to daddy itís too early
I didnít meant it daddy Iím sorry Iím sorry
I promise Iíll never ever say that again
Iím sorry daddy please donít hit me again
please Iíll be a good boy now
donít put me in the room please donít turn the lights out
....what did I do?
Iím sorry daddy thatís all I want to say to you

Where? Where were you?
just when I needed you daddy where were you
Where? Where were you?
just when I needed you mommy where were you

Verse 2:
what up pops I aint got to tell you my heart is as hard
as a rock things have changed since I was the age of six
yet some situations stay the same like the way
I conceal my pain growing up I'd swear
my name was every profane thing a man could say
I used to make excuses like you weren't the one that hit her
it was just the liquor in ya my Dad
the perfect example of hatred and why am I so bitter?
ya told me real men donít cry that was a lie
you donít realize what goes on inside of my mind
as time passed my heart ran cold my emotions froze
lost track of the bruises and the broken bones
just once wanted to hear that you loved me
wrap you arms around me and hug me yeah right
remember the first time I couldnít feel the pain
it was when grandma came and took me to church
where God relieved the hurt and he knows it took work
but I forgave you he could save you but the question is
will you let him it would be such a blessing
to see you as a changed man and holding my mothers hand


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