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Verse one:
Yo, can I get ah five minutes of your time
Yes indeed to drop a seed in your mind
But hold up; come now to the floor,
And please make room for there more at the door
I bet cha didnít think I had it in me like this
Able to flip the script brutha donít trip
Shoot a prayer to the lord when I come to ya mind
To keep the Holy Spirit front line in my rhyme
But check it out back to the fun at hand
Let me see ya bounce, rock, skate, let me see ya hands
Come on tell me whatícha waitín for?
Dance like David (turn it up some more)
So they can feel the bass groove in their chest
Free in Christ to blessed to be stressed
So stop hating what you donít understand
Come on saints let me see you dance!

Chorus x 2
Donít front this dance / it maybe your last chance /
You know you feel like dancing /so get your praise on.

Verse two:
And to think that you donít understand what Iím feeling
Take a little trip to the word are you willing?
Now death is the price, but itís all been paid
So I fear no one when it comes to my praise
Now grace is the reason that my light gone shine
Not the narrow vision of a bound up mind
Now Christ said it all if my door is opened
Pray all you want but chaí only be hoping
See I got favor when it comes to the father
Take away my blessing bruh please donít bother
Now how can I speak like this you want know?
See I walk my talk this ainít hardly no show
Crocodile tears, singing hallelujah
But late at night acting like I never knew ya
Nah, I got love for the king on high
So make way for my crew and I to dance!

Chorus x 4

Now come on yaíll this here your last chance
Celebrate the Lord show Him love with your dance
Give Him all you got, donít hold back
Cause itís a fact that in your praise is where itís at
U know I wonít tell you if I didnít feel the same
And ainít shame in my game when I bring the pain
But times come when were going jubilee
Oh how I love to fellowship family
Hey you get off the wall
You donít need no help just dance by yourself
In fact you know the Lordís in the house
So come on yaíll shout
Yo T (T-boy) whatís the time?
(Half a minute left jah, tellíem one more time hitíem in the spine)
Come on yaíll get to the floor, and do it until you get sore
Now dance!

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ilike the song guys we are living in the last days this is time to change every one should take part ministering his words lets spread his messages to the masses so that the non believers should know that he indeed exists and that he wants us all to inherit his place dis is time to change ladies and gents amen

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