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Motivation: this song is actually a conversation between me and C.P. when he was doing time in "98" in a Wisconsin correctional facility written over the phone through the revelation of where we was and where God was taking us.

Verse 1
I was just a prisoner of the ghetto way down at the bottom of reality got me thinking to myself was it meant for me to live in this world of misery modern days was the ways of a street life visions in my eyes of a guillotine drive-by's doing walk-by's got the guns spraying like raid leaving bloody scenes everything went bad for a young black man in a mini city Babylon lead myself a stray drifted on my way just like the prodigal son opportunity was never ever feeling me cuz I never chose to take them I rather rob I rather kill I rather steal cuz opportunity to me was what I made them convicted myself from my whole past and all the things I did locked down in sin I was going on a road straight to the devils pit I was having bad dreams waking up feeling cold sweats and every time I closed my eyes visualize negroes trying to up that tech I was in a pit an I was trapped in bondage and I wonder why don't rap just to please myself every time I rap to testify for the Lord on one accord standing tall hoping I don't lose my balance cause if I fall I'll remain in the pit and I'll never ever get to the palace

Chorus Repeat 2x
Been raised from the pit now we sit up on a throne where the first shall be last and the last shall be first so once again its on cause he who the Son set free is guaranteed to be free indeed enemies cant stop us from the pit to the palace.

Verse 2
Look where he brought me from I don't want nobody else got a lending helping hand from my Lord cause I really couldn't help myself never no more crying lying fighting against them spiritual powers cause blessed is he who endures temptation shore nuff every hour I remain the same feeling no pain patiently waiting for my capture in a rapture ascending up above in a cloud waiting for my final chapter I'm in the palace and never lay down in the dirty pit getting quickened by the Spirit of the most high power quicker than some nestle quick I learn from the start if I knew what I know now cause my God brought me from the midst of a show down fifty miles far I was lost in a ghost town but my God save me from the fire of a foe pound don't you know now I love the Lord wit my heart and soul I tell the greatest story that will never ever end but always be told I was at the crossroads of decision tell me can you you feel this song heaven is my home filling all my bones just so as long as I wont be alone cuz the Lord is with me from the beginning to the end through the thick and thin don't do what I did back then cause I know I'm not a slave to sin.

Chorus Repeat 2x

Verse 3
Reminiscing bout back in the day on my toes creepin' slow laying low from the po po's
Cage pack a gauge at an early age in rage how till I die no one knows take a tote and blow more smoke in the ozone on my own all alone in my own zone having visions of the prisons and the tombstone feel the moans and groans of a street drone clone over thrown in the brimstone reaping what I've sown in the hood with the goods get my serve on set up shop on the block cocked glocks in a grind zone with my nerves gone wishing I was slanging thangs of cocaine instead of serving petty stone split a blunt fill it up and get my high on but I know I cant keep going on doing wrong for a life long mind gone full blown steady feigning for cheese got me hugging my chrome feeling all alone so I put my trust in a clip full of slugs and a pocket full of drugs just a missed judge thug seeking for a love like a fiend for a dub gasoline covered up with some unclean blood now I'm stuck out of luck in a rut on my knees begging please would you fill me up.

Chorus Repeats

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