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Motivation: I did this song for all my guys who had let God change they life. Cause when God changes a persons life it doesn't mean that he changes their personalities. So this is for my guys who Love the Lord who people think they look like thugs but they not they living for Jesus.

Chorus Repeat 2x
This is for my hard hitters ex killers cap pillers and ex drug-dealers only the the realest is gonna feel us now cause we the trillest ex-sinners living for Jesus this is for my hard hitters this is for my hard hitters

Verse 1
I'm doing this one for my partners who been snatched out the game,who was hanging banging on the corner slangin cocaine laying low from the po po's ducking and dodging, on the four in the ghetto creepin' and robbin', we let you know that he freed us, and who we talking bout Jesus, so why you trippin' on my clothes Girbauds and white Adidas, mouth full of gold corn rolls HolyGhost believers back in the hood in the ghetto now we preaching repentance. Leadin' the lost to the cross thank you Jesus you freed us I think its that we told you boy that playtime is over cause I'm a soldier for Jehovah with a chip on my shoulder.

Chorus Repeat 2x

Verse 2
I holds it down for my hard hitters all around the world who was Victims of the ghetto lookin' down a gun barrel duckin' the bounties or hit the counties penitentiary Bound cause we was blind deaf and dumb lost but now we found so we step into Jesus unto the Father he lead us off through the shadows of death and enemies cant defeat us figured they beat us when they thought that we slip on chiquitas but we was called in the womb before they knew of a fetus to all my hard hitters throw yo crosses in the sky I let it been known that's its on boy Christ till I die so why you lookin' at me funny pop yo collar get money cause you know we keeps it runnin' like the energizer bunny.

Chorus Repeat 2x

Verse 3
To all my hard hitters soul winners hold up the light ghetto preachers project teachers we gonna brighten the night through the highways and byways HolyGhost rollin' 20 inches on the ride when I stop they keeps going you know the race is not given to the swift or the strong but living pure and endure to the end and its on keep me from fallin' present me Faultless in the midst of the throne feeling like I'm Jeremiah got this fire in my bones hardhitters representin' Midwest and the South Mr. Del holler at me keep a praise in yo mouth east coast and west coast naw I'm never forgettin' Today I Can Righteous Riders hard hitters we representin'.

Chorus Repeats

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