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I can hear the clock ticking in my mind reminding me of the time/while I'm breathing I'm still in my prime/steadily putting things on hold like an interrupted phone call/faith is small so like an '81 Buick my plans stall/or fall through like a collapse in the infrastructure/no sound foundation so self promises begin to rupture/tired of sharing my visions but never walking through/tired of failing to carry out what I said I'd do/so much to do with so little time/if only I could take the hands of time and rewind/set my own pace run my own race/if life would embrace my own agenda my failures I could erase and replace/with positivity only righteous activity/as far as I can see mistakes have overtaken me/ but will there ever be a time when I'm living on top/cuz all this idleness has got to stop/ Chorus:

There's a time to laugh a time to cry/a time to be born a time to die/there's a time to win a time to lose/a time to choose will it be the God who rules/ Was just a teen who would have known their final day they've already seen/I hope they knew the One who wipes all slates clean/my dreams to leave a legacy of hope so all can cope/even when life is on a decline slope/precious lives are taken right before our eyes/unpleasant surprise every second one is born another one dies/teary eyes across a world full of hurt and pain mission is to gain/we're crying out for help to sustain/should I make the move so many decisions yet indecisive/my life is in Gods hands too blessed to be in crisis/so as I tread upon this land like a navigator/getting open like the jaws of an alligator/when it falls upon its prey madd aggressive/I'm showing heads that making it to heavens what success is/I'm trying to make the best of my time/let my light shine could care less what the world thinks I'm going for mine/

Though it's impossible to counter-clock you've gotta be wise/as seasons come and go you'd best prepare for the surprise/as two hands continue moving in a circular motion/who lied and told you life would go as smooth as lotion/instead of focusing on purpose we focus on time/instead of getting to the top we focus on the climb/Elle R.O.C. is shooting knowledge from the heart genuine/feeding you food that won't stunt your growth nutrients in each line/your divine purpose is what I wanna make sure you find/wasted time is your duration less you renew your mind/shoot high but make sure that your goals are falling in line/with the will of the Father don't wanna be left behind/too many running just to end up faint and growing weary like a query/you question your purpose and why it's scary but yo hear me/you choose your own destiny as time goes by/I'm gonna mount up with wings like eagles and fly/

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