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Amy/itís Bobby Bishop/been a minute/no question/just wanted to connect/and let you know I got your message/Iím so sorry/it took me so long to hit you back/I donít have an excuse/it was just my usual slacking/in fact/itís funny how God will give me perspective on aspirations Iím chasing/traveling the map/rapping for anyone who will give me a mic/and a platform to perform what I say/touring with Ill-day/Iím sure youíre doing better since you moved out of Lynn/sometimes environment-change is great for sanityís sake/and I know youíve got your baby on the way/got your invitation about the shower/felt like a jerk I didnít make it/yo/I had a couple of shows in New York/which brings me back to the root of this message for sure/my life changed Friday night/thereís too much to express/I want to talk/yo/call me back when you get a sec/

Somebody cares for you/knows what youíre going through/we are here for you/
Pray for you night and day/Lord take her pain away/we are here for you

Yo/Amy/itís Bobby/your brother/we just missed each other/bump it/Iíll just break it down on voice-mail/yo/your song/THE song/has placed me on platforms/I never thought Iíd have the option to rock/it was God/which is why I want you to envision me rocking the Bronx/Iím from Concord Amy/itís crazy/theyíre putting me on?/itís the power of your story/itís touching their lives/these kids even performed a drama/starring you and I/about how Christ touched your life/despite your life/not a dry eye in the place Amy/especially mine/youíre changing lives/whether you recognize it or not/Godís got plans/heíll take you there if you hand Him your heart/


Amy/I keep missing you/Iím trying to no end/one of your friends was in church and said to try you again/weíre convicted to give more to this friendship/Jess and I want to lend a hand in any way that we can/I know your son is due soon/we wanna support/youíre gonna be an awesome mom/Amy/címon itís important/Iím writing a follow-up song/to your song/wanted to get your word before I record it with Todd/Iíll tell you this/I wonít write another wishful-thinking ending/of your surrender and relenting to God/I told you/every time I perform your song/I pray with the crowd for their healing/and especially for yours/whether you see it or not/you have so much to offer/we see your gifts/treasures/and God-given pearls/your heavenly maker/will shape you if you let Him/this sequel is my prayer-request to the world


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