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And so it begins who would have ever thought that this day was bright/I got a deal, writing rhymes its a stage for fright/mother speaking wisdom to my ears giving great advise/at times I write only just to see my status liked/(pride) with so much folly up in my trolley, can God use someone like me/and I keep asking the same question, see my brow stay sweating/but the Spirit give rest indeed/its not about you young S He says/I decrease He increase in my sentences/I need Jesus deep thesis that is heaven sent/please believe it is Him that I'm resting in/lean since I get my strength/from the Bread of Life so I feast on/and drink water from His well should I keep going/ cease sipping cease spitting I'm in deep thought/this ordeal made me feel I should cease flowing/can you see the fears up in my eyes hommie/i still muse upon the words that Shai told me/about the woman I care for time showed me/awaken love before time and you sigh only/but I only rise up I'm my mind rest in God's great love/memorise what has been tried and tested/Iím the reason my impressions were depressive/but I am never the one 2 take in anti-depressants/but simply suppress it/what you people impressed with/me, I am nothing but see the grandest message/that I speak is/and I aint coming with here eloquence/but hoping that a true state taking precedence/are you getting this/I share my burdens on this verse and my hurt Lord God take residence/in the inner most parts of my being/so they when they see me they see you but it seems/many men won't hear it don't care bout what the word say/see I don't rhyme to have wowed by the wordplay/no, this is more than song/I am weak He is strong/I am me He is God/yeah, a mortal speaking about the immortal/no portal 2 the Father just Christ I mean the Way/and Trusay we talk about what we got too/but some days I lay awake in my bed coz I be afraid/stale water do you see the state/smell the aroma reading Romans in my secret place/the sacrifice of atonement is what He became/thatís why GP and Serene are always screaming grace/not perfect on surface does it seem we great/many think that we claim to be/but Christ like is only what we aim to be/donít care if we don't swing in them major league/because, we wanna live a life as bondservant/live amongst many, but were living for 1 Person/and I'm certain that His words are eternal/so who could I turn to, but the Ruler whose rods working/the Shepherd of the sheep but the scapegoat/echo this God saves souls/ima say so really till my last breath/pray I am found busy for His kingdom in my last step/canít half step, in the past tense I did/ was brought out of the pit, God showed I'm His/its still surreal that this deal sits on a table/even if the rain cains, God's more than able to do it/so even if I stare at gloom/I trust in Jesus to steer me through/yeah I'm living with the end in view/so it begins but its ending soon/

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