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1000 voices
Are shouting out
To find acceptance
In an unseen crowd

1000 voices
That are always on
Trying to please
Some kind of entourage

1000 voices
They canít help perform
They thirst for more
But simply yield, conform

1000 voices
Who wish to be known
Wanting true love
Scared to be alone

When the party dies
We are forced to see
Our thirst for more and need for diety
When all the voices die
We are left to know
The voice that reigns, heís seated on the throne

He knows YOU, YOU, YOU-OU-OU
He feels YOU, YOU, YOU-OU-OU
He loves YOU, YOU, YOU-OU-OU

Try to fill this hole through pornography
Or being hooked on my Facebook feed
Try to fill this void, with my suicide
Or abusive anger that helps me hide
Try to fill this gap with the finest guys
Or find false satisfaction from my appetites
But none of this leads to life, the life that Jesus gave us as our sacrifice

If Iím out of hope
In need of company
I can count on Jesus Christ to come and comfort me
He fills me up, like a charger
His love it lifts me up, it canít be bartered
you knowÖ

Let the tears fall, let in fall
Crawl out the darkness, go ahead and crall
You are never alone, never alone
Daddy loves you and Heís calling you home


  • Jay on Fri, 18.03.11 said;
Lovely piece of song man...I can't get enough of this

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