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  • Sho Baraka - I.T.W.N.O.IListen to Track Share on FacebookPrint it
I'm in this world but I'm not of it/ (3x)
I'm not of it (2) (Repeat 2x)

Verse 1
R. Swift

Verse 2

Verse 3
My fam in Cali got a lot to meet about/
Get that meat in the word then meat at inn and out/
Passion for Christ Movement gotta shout them/
Got more X's on the street than Malcolm/
Hit squint in the Bay, we got David like faith/
These San Francisco Giants going down today/
I roll with some mavericks when I stay out in dallas/
Child of the King but don't live in a palace/
Its still Jesus music you can hear it in the distance/
Bj rolling with me when hanging out in Memphis/
Whether its Cali or London stay on your grind/
I wear my A hat cuz georgia's on my mind/

Live in this world (2x)
But I'm not of it, no! (2x)
I got some brothers and Sister (2x)
We are the loved ones, yeah/ (2x)


Th track z a bomb bt nid th first 2 versez az sun az posbo
Dis song makes me know my identity.but i need d other verses

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