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Verse 1:
Heaven presents another smash hit for Jesus, that keeps you rockin when we're dropping phat masterpieces
I pray you seek this great God you should get to know Him, and if you do make it known so your set can know Him
We spit to show Him in all of His splendor and to share His matchless love that made me surrender
See we celebrate the Father who would send His Son because according to the text I was a wretch undone
Lord, I was lost in sin and lovin my ways til You came to my rescue like government aid
Sin had me in a trial just like a subpoena, and in Your court I couldn't stand like a leg without the femur
So now instead of Judge Lord, I know You as Redeemer, You're sovereign even if there was a Hurricane Katrina
You saved men and You placed them in the prints of your feet
The Prince of Peace with nail prints that proves I'm free

Oh, I'm free, I've never known a love like Yours before, and now
I'm free, I've never known a life with peace and security
But Your love restores, and breaks down the doors
You looked passed me and saw my needs, and set me free, I'm free

Verse 2:
I was bound to the Law, like a husband to a wife, there were standards I couldn't keep, it's like I cheated every night
Which made sin prevalent, bringin death to life and provided me with the evidence we're in a losing fight
And like marriage, only death severs ties to the Law, knowing this Jesus stepped in and provided for your boy
He lived a perfect life fulfilling standards and perfection and gave men grace through His death and resurrection
Now if we'd only take turn for the better and realize that the cravings of the flesh will never let up
Then we see that cheddar in the possession of our mortal eyes hail when compared to the One immortalized
So now thanks to Christ I'm not an orphan like Annie because God adopted me and made me part of His family
Me and God are reunited and it feels so good, I praise God for the day that Keynon brought me good news


Verse 3:
We see ordinary people getting lifted by John Legend, but this is when we get excited writing about John's legend
John 1:14 meet the Word in the flesh, Christ perfect in His person placing burdens to rest
But I'm free, no condemnation for me because I'm crucified with Christ, plus His love delivered me
God loved us enough that He would give His only kid, Jesus came to live the perfect life that none of us could live, and I'm free

There was a time when my heart was on the line
All of my hope was gone and my soul was out of time
But Your love restores and breaks down the doors
You looked passed me and saw my needs, and now I can say, I'm free


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